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Confronting the 7 Demons of Internet Marketing

Halloween being my favorite of all holidays and arriving shortly, within a few weeks, presented me with the idea of writing about demons in Internet Marketing. These demons comprise of block-aids or hurdles in the way of creating prospective business for companies seeking the Internet as a medium to their preferred clientele. These block-aids and hurdles pave way to the naming of “Demons in Internet Marketing.”

1.? ? ? Confronting the Demon of Trust

The demon of trust presents the first hurdle to overcome in establishing Internet-based techniques for creating a profitable business. A series of questions arise as to which marketing source provides safety and integrity of investments towards developing an online market.

Who exactly possesses the knowledge and techniques in order to lead your business into the realm of success?

Which business can be trusted with my money to produce sufficient results?

Who projects them selves as trustworthy advocates, but end up costing much more time and money than originally advertised?

Of course, a large amount of time needs to be dedicated in researching prospective companies actually possessing the capabilities and answers to the questions above. However, the small investment of time into research provides a worthy outcome. The research process takes some mishaps and faults along the way in investing towards new and improved methods of advertising campaigns. Avoiding these pitfalls requires investigating the company through the Better Business Bureau. Ask questions pertaining to the business’s previous references and what access you may have to similar information. Sufficient time and dedication to researching the company’s integrity provide you protection against detrimental consequences inflicted by the Demon of Trust.

2.? ? ? Confronting the Demon of Money

The second apparition most businesses run into when starting up a new business represents the Demon of Money. This demon knows how to drain a company’s pocket of money to invest in Internet marketing campaigns. Make sure to run financial figures to determine whether or not you have enough money in order to start up and maintain an Internet-based business. Maintaining an Internet-based business requires figuring out long-term financial matters along with a business plan. Despite popular belief, you cannot create an Internet-based website, generate business and expect it to work for itself for the rest of its digital life. Some websites take a small amount of investment to maintain over time, while others require more financial attention. Make sure to create a budget including all financial facets of maintaining the website. Some good questions to ask when creating the budget follow:

Do my finances support payment on membership fees?

How many programs can I soundly invest in when given the opportunity?

Which advertising campaigns cost more buck for the bang?

Which advertising campaigns suit my product or service and financial matters the best in order to achieve marketing success?

Microsoft Excel’s spreadsheets provide a good place to record expenditures over time. Keeping a tight grip on budget matters provide added security against financial attacks by the Demon of Money.

3.? ? ? Confronting the Demon of Time

Do not consider running an Internet-based marketing business as an easy task. Overlooking persistence in effort, work and energy as a means of creating excellent results only leads to less favorable outcomes. Realizing the dedication and time it takes to build and maintain an Internet-based business composes only half the battle. Life has a way of throwing us curveballs to hold back any forward movement at a certain point in time. A successful business can expect to perform one to many tasks a day in order to maintain the viability of an Internet-based market. You will need to map out future goals in order to keep a record of reminders of tasks to fulfill in achieving those goals. Procrastination spells out immediate doom in the realm of Internet-based businesses. Do not try to complete several tasks in one day or you’ll wind up flustered, stressed out and will most likely turn out poor work quality. A good rule of thumb says to manage your time the way you would manage your budget. In pursuing these goals do not forget to include your family, friendships, hobbies and some time to your self for relaxation purposes. Outside business circumstances forcing you into part-time work take precedence over trying to work full-time and meeting pressing obligations. Manage your time and stress well and protect your self against the Demon of Time throughout your business endeavors.

4.? ? ? Confronting the Demon of Advertising

Internet marketing takes a bit more time and effort in advertising campaigns than normal mediums of generating business. The reasons behind this hurdle stand behind the notion of catching someone’s attention away from the activity they are on the Internet to pursue. Your business may have to proceed through some trial and errors before coming up with the right advertising method for your product or service. Unfortunately, money runs out on certain failures in advertisement campaigns. Make sure to look into the free marketing mediums available online to minimize financial losses during the trial and error period. The advertising campaigns requiring money include services, such as ghostwriting articles, Ezine solo ads, article submission services, Google Ad words, and streaming banner displays. Traditional marketing suggests posting ads in the local paper or magazines. Free or investment required advertising campaign trial and errors provide the only real means of finding which method works for your company. However, tried-and-true investment provides a firm protection for your company against being defeated by the Demon of Advertising.

5.? ? ? Confronting the Demon of Traffic

Building and implementing a website for an Internet-based business constitutes half the battle of acquiring money online. The Demon of Traffic confronts us on the next step of landing a prospective client’s interest on your recently built website. Niche marketing provides the safest route in obtaining a group of interest as consumers. However, for general marketing purposes, not targeting a niche dictates a fierce and highly competitive advertising market to pursue. The writing of articles and including a link to your homepage provides one of the best ways to generate website traffic. Article submission agencies have the ability to post your article at several different viewing sites on the Internet. Consider creating a schedule to consistently submit your URL to link directories in order to generate public awareness. Target groups of interest by posting meaningful articles or comments on their blog or community discussion forum. Keyword searches generate rank of websites shown by the number of instances it finds your link posted across the Internet. Link exchanges provide mutual traffic prospects by trading space to advertise another person’s link and visa versa. Generating traffic requires persistence and creativity, but is worthy of all investments provided.

6.? ? ? Confronting the Demon of Downlines

Building your network marketing business requires locating and securing a good downline to provide a foundation. Your business needs to invest time and human relation to targeting good business prospects and obtaining them in a partnership. The business leader needs to provide contact information and make them selves available by phone or email at just about any point in the day since the Internet stays open 24/7. Your customers must feel like they’ve been placed as number one on the priority list in your company. The business should consider acquiring advertising and marketing materials, such as demonstrative CDs, business cards, flyers, brochures, or different mail and Emailing lists to provide business awareness among the masses. Networking becomes a priority in any marketing business. Seek out people interested in the products or services you provide and secure their advocacy in growth developments. The Demon of Downlines doesn’t stand a chance against a business willing to associate directly with the customer, provide 24/7 support lines and put the customer as number one on the priority list.

7.? ? ? Confronting the Demon of Sales

Confronting the Demon of Sales happens despite the fact a business pushes to do all they can in generating business and securing consumer attention. Getting traffic to your website proves only a portion of efforts needed to secure income. The interested consumer needs a reason to but your product or service over others being offered. This paves way for the question, “How do you secure return business relationships?” At times, there can be no answer to this question despite the company’s best efforts. However, developing current customer relationships serves as a great effort in generating and securing return business. Consumers spread the good in your business through word of mouth and personal testimonies may prove to be better than the wittiest advertisement campaign. Try to relate to your customers on a personal level and do not come off pushy with regards to the consumer buying your product or service. Focus on what the product or service can and will do to help improve their current lifestyle. Make sure they know you are available to assist them, whenever they feel the need to call. Involve the customer in your business decisions by gaining feedback through questionnaires or mail in comment cards. Building relationships with your customers takes time and effort outside of normal work-related tasks, but the investment could return a dedicated life-term buyer.

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