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The Importance Of Social Bookmarking In Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays, more and more business people are recognizing the importance of internet marketing to reach their customers and target consumers in every possible way.  That’s what we’re finding through our internet marketing and SEO consulting Australia services anyway.  The internet technology makes the sharing of information easier and faster, making the internet as a very powerful medium and venue for communication on a global scope.  Aside from being able to reach a wide audience, internet marketing is a marketing strategy that is not that hard to accomplish.

To be able to make their online presence felt, many businesses conduct search engine optimization campaigns.  By doing search engine optimization, these businesses help their websites be found easier through achieving or improving high rankings in the search engine results pages.  There are many techniques and tools that can be used as search engine leverage to promote a  website.

One of these techniques is social bookmarking which is effective in attracting many people and increasing traffic to a particular website.  Social bookmarking helps a business increase its online visibility and help it reach a significant portion of its target customers worldwide.  These have made social bookmarking grow in popularity especially in the recent years.

Sharing Of Information

Internet technology has allowed the process of sharing information to be easy and in real time.  Since more and more people all over the world are getting online everyday, various information can be shared with just a click on their mouse.  There are many websites on the internet when internet users can bookmark their favorite sites.  These internet users can share with others their list of favorite websites and organize their links under a tag.

Through internet technology, people from all parts of the world can share information.  Social bookmarking sites helps people get their webpage to be viewed and shared on the worldwide web.  Social bookmarking also allows for faster spreading of news and other important events.  If you are a popular member and you are doing marketing on social bookmarking sites, you can build your brand recognition online.  If you launching a new product, for example, you can bookmark your product page so that everyone can have access to it.  This way, you can reach to customers all over the world and enlarge your market.

Getting Indexed

Social bookmarking can help you have your site indexed faster.  Search engine robots love sites that frequently update their content and social bookmarking sites receive constant update from their members 24/7.  Whenever you post an article to a social bookmarking site or you social bookmark your blog post, for example, it will be quickly picked up by search engines.

Organic Traffic

Many people use the social bookmarking technique to get traffic to their websites.  Social bookmarking sites are very popular and their membership bases have the potential for generating traffic if social bookmarking is done correctly.  You can post links to your blog or site from social networking sites.  Categorize the bookmark using keywords or tags.   Since bookmarking is done by people and not by a software, you can drive a sustainable organic traffic to your website.

Quality Links

Social bookmarking sites allow their users to rank links by voting and the higher votes a link gets, the higher plus factor to have a website gain visibility and online presence.  If the information you have bookmarked is quality and of great value, it will attract other people to view it.  You can receive backlinks, a plus for search engine robots, in the process.  Quality contents and quality links can elevate the status of a website in the eyes of search engines.  Consequently, the higher your search engine rankings, the more traffic search engines will drive to your website.

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