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What You Need To Know About Geo SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO strategies are composed of many processes aimed at achieving high rankings in the search engine results page for certain targeted keywords.  Using the principles of search engine optimization, a website can generate quality and organic traffic from search engines.  Duh! …I know, you knew that already but…

One important aspect of search engine optimization is Geo SEO.  As the term “Geo SEO” indicates, it is that part of search engine optimization that focuses on geography.  In short, Geo SEO is using search engine optimization techniques to target a specific geographical area.  Using geo-targeting techniques is common among businesses that cater to people living in a specific location.  The rationale behind this is the more targeted a market is the more effective an internet marketing campaign will be.

There are many businesses that want to be found locally and their target customers or clientele are also interested in finding local business for certain needs.  Some of these businesses are retail stores, restaurants, professionals (doctors, CPAs, lawyers, and the like), and contractors for various services like plumbing, building, cleaning, roofing, electricity, landscaping, and many others.

With the correct application of the principles of Geo SEO, a company can dominate the popular search engine’s country-specific counterparts.  If a company is able to increase its flow of traffic from a certain location, it will be able to attain a higher rank on that corresponding search engine.  This, in turn, could result to higher conversions or higher sales.

Geo SEO is becoming more and more popular among various businesses that target local customers since more and more customers are turning to local service providers to meet their needs.  Since in this age of internet marketing, the number of business websites and the number of people going online are growing day by day, targeting region–specific customers is keeping many businesses afloat amidst competition.  Here are some of the important considerations when doing Geo SEO:

A Geocentric Keyword Research

Keyword research is very important in any search engine optimization campaign, especially in Geo SEO.  Consumers who are searching for local products or services usually conduct area-specific searches and use geocentric keywords.  The keyword research a business targeting a specific location must do is one that is specific to its business area of operation.  Adding the name of the area to the keywords to target is a usual practice for companies doing Geo SEO.

Using Geo-targeting In Website Content

The results that search engines give in every country are different from each other.  If you are using Yahoo or Google and you search for “computers”, for example, the results in Australia would be different from the results of a search undertaken in the United States.  A website’s content must be of high quality and must be supported by geocentric webpage links for it to come up in the local listings.

The Importance of a Geocentric Domain Name

Having a geocentric domain name helps to some degree if you want your website to show up easily in local searches.  Many multinational businesses that target multiple regions or areas usually have multiple versions of their company website featuring domain names that are region or area specific.  Aside from having geocentric domain names, they also use designs and content according to the trend and style prevalent in the local market.

A Geo-targeting Web Design

One important and basic element of Geo SEO is for a website to have a geocentric design.  Aside from the links included in the website, the language used in the website is also very important.  the use of local language and local design give the website a local flavor that the target consumers in a particular location will greatly appreciate.

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