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Build Quality Backlinks Like A Pro

Quality backlinks are very important to search engine optimization professionals.  Backlinks not only helps improve traffic to a particular website but they also help improve its ranking in the search engine results page.  The number and the quality of backlinks a website or a webpage have is a big factor when search engines rank web pages for certain keywords.

Simply speaking, backlinks are links from another website that link back to your website.  The more and better backlinks you have, the better.  If you have more quality backlinks, search engines will see that the websites you have your links in regard your site highly.  Search engines, in return, will do the same.  Consequently, search engines will rank your web pages favorably for your targeted keywords.  The higher your ranking in the search engine results pages will be, the more traffic will be driven to your site.

With the presence of billions of websites, it is not easy to be found on the internet without doing a good search engine optimization campaign.  Building backlinks is an essential element of an effective search engine optimization technique.  Website owners who want to make the presence of their websites felt in the online realm take the matter of building quality backlinks seriously.  There are many ways of building backlinks and here are five of the techniques proven to be effective that many web professionals use:

Submitting To Article Directories

If you want your website to succeed, submitting informative and high quality articles to article directories will be of help.  Many people and webmasters who publish their own blogs or newsletters usually get their content or the idea for their content from article directories.  Some even republish articles they find on article directories on their own blogs or newsletters.

Article directories usually include in their terms of service the matter of resource boxes, where the links included will serve as the backlink to website of the writer.  If the articles you submitted are deemed valuable by the readers, they are more likely to click on the link you included in the resource box.  This way, you get traffic to your website.  Writing articles and submitting could be time consuming and not all webmasters are good at writing.  With if you think you are not good in writing and you don’t want to go through the hassle of submitting articles to various article directories, you can always hire someone to do it for you.

Using Anchor

Text  Using anchor text is popular among many webmasters because this is a proven way of building quality backlinks and making search engines more aware of them.  Search engines use anchor texts in their algorithms when the determining the ranking of a particular web page.  If your keyword is “cheap laptop”, for example, anchor the link to your site within that phrase.  However, you should make sure not to insert irrelevant keywords if you do not want to get penalized by search engines.

Guest Posting

As the term suggests, guest posting is posting on other people’s blogs.  In this set up, both you and the blog owner benefit in the process.  The blog owner can relax for awhile and think up of fresh ideas in order to create new unique content for his blog.  On the other hand, you can get traffic back to your site from the post you did on the other blog.  If you do a really good, informative, and valuable blog post, you can get yourself known in the blogosphere.  Ergo, you can do more guest postings on more blogs and enjoy traffic from them.

Forum Signatures And Commenting On Do-Follow Blogs

If you want to get links from your comments on other people’s blogs, be sure that you comment on a do-follow blog.  Remember that many blog comments are no-followed and this means that your link will not be given weight by search engines.  To know the do-follow blogs, you can check for them.  You can find a do-follow blog relevant to your niche where you can leave comments that will give your link weight.

There are also many forums nowadays that offer do-follow link through the signatures of their users.  If you sign up for these forums, especially the popular ones, you can create a valuable backlink for your website.  If you know the answer to any question being asked by other users in the forum, just answer them the best way you can.  You can get some backlink through your every post and link to your website.  Forum postings can be quite short and do not really require much effort compared to article writing.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking sites have become popular in the recent years and these sites are also good sources of backlinks.  All you need to do is create a high quality and original content and submit it to one or more social bookmarking sites.  If your content gets displayed on popular social bookmaking sites and it gets popular, there is that possibility that it can get broadcasted many times in other websites.

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