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Top 5 Reasons Why Some SEO Strategies Fail To Deliver

Website owners who want their websites to show up in the first few pages, if not the first page, of search engine results page usually use search engine or SEO strategies to achieve the said goal.  SEO professionals know that aside devising the right search engine optimization strategies, hard work also plays a role in achieving that goal.

However, not all search engine optimization strategies succeed.  There are SEO strategies that fail to deliver the desired results.  Aside from having the wrong search engine optimization strategy, there are also other reasons why a particular SEO strategy fails.  In fact, there are many reasons why a certain SEO strategy can fail and here are the top five reasons:


One top reason why some SEO strategies fail is because they have no long term perspective.  Many SEO campaign plans are usually defined for only a limited time, usually from six months to one year.  Many website owners erroneously think that they don’t need to employ any search engine optimization techniques.  Even in the event when a website gets favorable rankings in the search engine results page for any of its web pages, some websites think that they don’t need to have some maintenance to keep up its rankings.  Thinking short term usually is a reason why many website owners employ wrong or ineffective SEO techniques and get little results.


It is not unusual to find SEO campaigns that makes high claims and guarantees high rankings.  There are many SEO professionals that peddle these claims around and there are website owners that swallow this hook, line, and sinker.  If you are offered cheap SEO schemes that promise you everything you want to hear, you need to properly understand the expectations and the promises this kind of campaigns promises to deliver.  You need to know how your SEO technique will work and understand why it works.  You also need to set the right and realistic expectations in order to devise the right SEO campaign that will work for you.


Bigger does not necessarily mean better.  Many SEO campaigns target a wide variety of goals all at the same time.  This mistake is compounded by website owners who easily get impressed with the big numbers presented to them.  It would always be wise to understand and accept that it is not possible to do a lot of things over a limited time especially if you don’t have the means to achieve them all over a limited time.


One reason why some SEO campaigns fail is because of too much worrying about competitors and putting less emphasis on creating more value for the target market.  An SEO campaign that is centered an overly obsessed on chasing competitors is like trying to catch its own tail.  This kind of SEO action plan or campaign is not focused on the customer.  If your target market or customers do not get value from the SEO strategy that you are implementing, it is more likely to fail.  Remember that when you create value and you make this visible and tangible, this can lead to conversions.


There are many SEO campaigns that lack consistency and participation into search engines.  This kind of SEO strategy is usually characterized by building random links which can temporarily push a website’s ranking.  However, this is only temporary and will not be effective in the long run.  Proper alignment is necessary if you want to build strong links that will give you the traffic that you need.  Aside from consistency, a sound search engine optimization campaign is in alignment with other new link variables like relevancy, participation, diversity, age, and progression of links.

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