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Search Engine Optimization: The Weakest Link for Most Web Sites

I know some internet traffic secrets you might like...

I know some internet traffic secrets you might like...

Developing a web site is only one aspect of finding success online.  As you probably know, once a web site is built, it needs visitors, or traffic.  It is only logical that the more traffic that comes to your web site, the more chances you have to convert that traffic into sales, and ultimately profit.    Unless your web site has traffic, it can not have sales.

Focusing on increasing the amount of traffic to your web site is known as search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO can be quite intense and can at times take more work than developing the actual web site itself.  As the Internet has progressed, all types of strategies and techniques have been employed to get web sites to the highest places on the search engines.  It is now important to develop a well-rounded, effective marketing strategy.  And yes, the Internet has developed to the point to where a ‘strategy’ is definitely needed in order for a web site to find success, reach its intended audience and make a profit.

Find Good Sources of SEO Information

Since the Internet is in itself an extremely fast-changing world, the techniques used to get a web site to the top of the search engines and to keep them there, change constantly.  To make SEO work for you, you must have a good source of information on how SEO works.  The worst situation you can find yourself in is fruitlessly chasing a carrot on a stick, which can often happen when you use some unverifiable sources of information found on the Internet.

If you have a web site that has been online for some time and that is already established, you may find, like many web site owners, that everything is perfect except for the number of visitors coming to your web site.  The chances are you need more visitors!  It is possible to increase web traffic to your web site.  In all honesty, your only aim should be for the number one spot on the 1st page of the search engines!

Internet Traffic

Internet Traffic

Get the Kind of Traffic You Want

The more people that visit your web site, the more sales you will make and ultimately the more money you will make, whether through sales or by advertising revenue.  More importantly, you will need the right type of visitors (targeted visitors) that will find relevancy in what you have to offer; your product or your service.  A lot of people think they will have Internet success by getting lots of people to visit their web site.  But in fact it is the number of targeted visitors that will make all of the difference.

What are the characteristics of a good SEO solution?  How can you tell whether the SEO offer or promotion that you have found will truly help you reach the top of the search engines?

SEO for all the search engines

SEO for all the search engines

Ideally you want a solution that at least does the following:

  • Helps you get to page one on the major search engines
  • Helps get you the traffic you need
  • Teaches you how to claim the number one spot on Google
  • Increases your chance for traffic that converts
  • Offers an easier, quicker and less expensive solution than traditional SEO
  • Offers a solution that doesn’t confuse but that works effectively

In my view, the greatest web solutions are the ones that can be used even by a novice.  After all, you don’t want to have to hire a programmer for every little thing that you want to do with your web site.  When an SEO promotion can give you an easy to follow guide or a video to teach you how to do what needs to be done it is truly an ideal solution!

Look for Proof of Success before Buying

When you are narrowing down your options in SEO solutions, ask yourself a few questions such as, who is best qualified to teach you how to get to the number one page of results on Google than a company that has already done it? Work with a company that has a proven formula for page one Google rankings and excellent web traffic conversions and can demonstrate that with their own web site rankings.

Lastly, you may have thought that the only way to more Internet marketing success was by spending more money.  This does not have to be the case.  The best type of increased traffic is the type that you get without spending more money on PPC advertising and that take up less of your time, not more.  So choose carefully, push through and use the best possible information source to learn how to skyrocket to Internet success through increased, targeted traffic. We looked around for some time and there were many website traffic specialists but few who offered a free trial and could display achievements of their own except this one. We tried their services a while back and we still work together even today.