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Is Twitter an Effective Method of Internet Marketing?

Twitter, the whale in descise.

Twitter, the whale in descise.

When it comes to internet marketing, there are many ways to go about capturing the attention of your audience. Twitter is one that you can get great results with because this social networking site is:

– Creating a huge buzz in our society right now

– A low cost way to get your message out there

– Doesn’t require the reader to have a long attention span

– Builds excitement about your business and what it has to offer

– Allows you to promote events

– Build Relationships

In order to generate a loyal customer base you need to work on building relationships. People are certainly tired of an INBOX full of emails that are just trying to pitch them something. Twitter allows you to take a new avenue on your marketing which is why it is effective. It allows you to tune into something many online users are into – social media. It also allows you to communicate online in a way that is friendly and puts you on the same page with those prospective buyers.

Getting Started

If you don’t have a Twitter account set up then now is the time to do so. It is fast and it really easy. Keep in mind when you are posting a message you are limited to 140 words. Therefore you need to come up with catchy bits of information that will work well in that small amount of space. It can prove to be more challenging than a full sales letter but your target market will respond well to it.

It can take you a bit of time to get into the groove of writing in such a way. This is because you end up in a mind set that is more freely associated and less of a professional style. Many business owners are uneasy with that at first but you have to remember that there are tons of internet users involved with Twitter and they love it. Therefore you will be offering them exactly what they feed off.

This is your opportunity to offer some inspiration and to motivate people though. Your goal is to let them know things about your business and your products. It is to help open their eyes to what you have to offer. You have to remember that while the internet is a great marketplace, it is also full of competitors on a global scale. In order for your marketing to work effectively you have to rise above what others are doing and get your message into the hands of the right people. Twitter is one means of making

Twitter Guidelines - image

Twitter Guidelines - image

that goal a reality for your business.

Know the Guidelines

There are some questionable uses of Twitter for internet marketing though that you don’t want to get yourself involved with. You want the messages you send out to be well received in a positive light. Don’t give customers any reason to doubt that you are responsible and that you are honest in your business practices. Make sure you know the policies and procedures with Twitter so that your information will never fall outside of those established guidelines.

Make the Most of Twitter

In order for Twitter to offer you a very powerful and effective method of advertising though you need to make the most of it. Try to get into the habit of using it for your business several times per week. This way you can keep readers interested. Some businesses are even using it daily, and their posts are referred to as tweeting. You can see an example of our Twitter account herefeel welcome to follow us.

Some Twitter Newby Tips

With some experimentation you will be able to find effective ways to make it work well for you. There are quite a few established and well known businesses out there using Twitter as well as those that are just getting off the ground. Take the initiative right now and let it work for your business as well!