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Twitter – Related Tools that Open Up a World of Possibilities

Twitter tool

Twitter tool

Twitter has grown in significance as a social networking site within a very short period of time.  For those of you that have used this free, social networking web site, you know that it can be quite addictive, a lot of fun and at times very informative.  The Twitter micro-blogging service has established itself as a friend of celebrities, the media, internet marketers, journalists and more.  All types of people use Twitter to answer just one simple question according to the Twitter web site.  That question is, ‘What are you doing right now’?  Of course, we all use it for much more than this.  Twitter has specifically become the tool of choice for Internet marketers, advertisers and anyone that finds themselves running a campaign of any kind.

In tandem with the growth of Twitter, other Twitter-related web sites have been developed and come to the surface.  Some are highly useful others not as much.  The useful ones facilitate the use of Twitter and make it easier and more convenient for people to Tweet.  One of the best web sites that I have found for finding good Twitter tools is Tweet Later.  Tweet Later is a web site that you can go to for all things Twitter.  Like me, you may initially think, ‘Well, Twitter is such a great tool. Why would I need another web site to help me use Twitter?’ This is a reasonable question.  However once you have had a chance to look through the useful tools and resources that are offered on the Tweet Later site, you will quickly realize that they have some resources that could actually make your life in the world of Twitter much easier and a lot more successful.

Reasons Twitter-Related Tools Help:

* They make using Twitter much easier
* Offer convenience
* Automate mundane tasks
* Free up your time for other important tasks
* Allow you to expand, manage and reach your audience quicker

Twitter-Related Resources Help You Get the Job Done!

I was so impressed with Tweet Later that I decided to take a closer look at some of the great resources that interested me on their web site.  The first thing to know about Tweet Later is that there is a free version and a paid version of the tool.  As with all software, the professional version will definitely provide you with many more features than the free version.  New members to the site always sign up for a free trial of all of the professional features first and then for the paid professional upgrade if they want to after the trial period.

Twitter can be a key tool in marketing or in other promotional campaigns and if you use it in such a way, you will most likely post Tweets on a regular basis or on a schedule.  Very quickly you will find out that it is not always convenient to do this. Your Tweet schedule can be interrupted or thrown off by a myriad of things, such as being out and about, being in meetings or even spending time with your family. In situations like these, you would not want to interrupt things just to post a tweet or to appear rude by texting into your blackberry/mobile to send a tweet out at a scheduled time.  Tools that let you upload your tweets and schedule exactly when they are posted are ideal for the busy marketer or for anyone posting Tweets on a regular basis.

Twitter Tools to Expand your Reach

Ever wondered how people quickly send you a Direct Message the minute you start following them on Twitter?  Tweet Later has a tool that allows you to send a warm Direct Message to anyone that chooses to follow you on Twitter.

Another great resource on Tweet Later Professional is the TweetCockpit.  Most people have more than one, probably several, Twitter accounts.  The TweetCockpit lets you manage all of your Twitter accounts from within a single console.  This is highly convenient because once you begin to see the positive results that can be gained from a good, strategic Twitter campaign, Twitter will very soon become your tool of choice for the different web sites, promotions or campaigns that you are heading up.  Rather than having to log in and out of Twitter multiple times to access these accounts, TweetCockpit gives you access to all of them at the same time.

Ultimately, when a great tool presents itself it is always up to us to leverage the opportunities that it presents.  I have highlighted a few of the Tweet Later tools that caught my attention and interested me.  You may look through the site and find a completely different set of tools that you fall in love with.  Either way, Tweet Later is a Twitter-related resource that can be used minimally for fun, or can be put to powerful use.  Most of the tools provided by TweetLater are tools that can potentially propel your marketing and promotional campaigns to a completely different level.

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