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Does Bad Internet Traffic Really Exist?

A short time dedicated to becoming an efficient affiliate marketer has proven to be a good measure in obtaining knowledge and success at making profit through online mediums. An important piece of knowledge I’ve acquired pertains to the importance of traffic in creating profitable sales. As a rule of thumb among many Internet selling rules pertains to the fact websites generate at least 1-2 sales everyone 100 visitors obtained. The initial visitor to sales ratio provided small percentages, but as I honed in on good advertising campaigns the numbers increased exponentially with the amount of investment put into the work. Honestly, how far can you expect to go on percentages and can the traffic turn sour?

Anecdote No. 1:

3 months into my online sales business, I received an email from a very irate visitor to one of my websites stating I was a fraud because they were redirected to my website from an adult entertainment venue. Needless to say, their creditability wavered under this statement for visiting the adult entertainment website in the first place. I investigated the matter further to find out my website was being listed on term of a keyword pertaining to my Google Ad sense campaign. My content generated “Get Off Your Fanny…” relations to another meaning in a different language. Ad sense developed an association with content from an adult website as a result of international commerce circumstances. The key point to take away from this experience is you don’t always know where your advertising campaigns might end up as a result of submitting to a certain ad campaign. I’m not all concerned about the association made to an adult website, traffic comes about in the most random ways at times. I was concerned about the fact I was paying for the lead from an adult website.

This provides a firm example of the idea in good traffic going bad. Statistical analysis on traffic rendered from the adult website came to about 3.00 from 30 clicks at .10 cents a piece. Unfortunately, I further found out 29 out of 30 leads ‘bounced’ from my website in under 5 seconds and eventually generated 0 in sales. I had to take measures in order to secure my website from being posted on the adult website and generating loses in ad campaigning. Eventually, I even removed ‘fanny’ from the descriptions pertaining to my website’s content.

Anecdote No. 2:

Free classified ads generate common usage as a way to redirect traffic to a website. Initially, I was shocked at the number of visitors redirected to my website totaling over 150 different instances a user browsed my contents. The excitement dwindled as I checked my sales records and again reviewed the number to be 0. The classified ads generated a whopping 145 bounced visits to my website. Classifying its use as a way to bad traffic?

Sometimes, but generally speaking this situation isn’t all bad. Mainly because the advertisement campaigned turned out free. 5 out of 150 users actually reviewed my website with interests and a couple signed up for my weekly newsletters. No initial investments and creating leads prove this medium of advertisement to be good instead of bad. Of course, you do have to calculate time invested into posting the free ads. As most business professionals claim, “Time is money.” The uneventful traffic lowers my visitors per sales percentage, but in all honesty this statistic doesn’t account for much. Relatively, time becomes the most valued investment in the matter of free classified ads.

Traffic provides the only real medium of generating sales in the Internet. Traffic can only produce bad results when paid for in higher investment rates. Free traffic provides good leads to finalizing sales, case in point. Just be careful of allotting too much time to dead leads, since time is inevitably money. Will the time spent creating a free ad outweigh the benefits of paying for a post on blog entries? This decision requires your input only and as chief in your online marketing campaign, you call the shots!

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