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Turning Up the Traffic: Attracting More Visitors to Your Website – new

You have an eye-catching, mind-boggling website that was created by a top-notch team of designers, writers, and animators (or maybe just you, working late nights). You’ve gone to great lengths to develop thorough and complete information on your subject matter, and the content is clearly written, informative, and interesting to read. Now it’s time to sit back and watch the people line up to get at the fantastic content on your website, right?

Wrong. You could have the most articulate and inventive website ever created, but unless you can convince people to come and visit your site, you may as well not have one at all. Now you need to direct your efforts in attracting visitors to your site and encouraging them to return. Focus on making yourself known and taking advantage of links and search engines, and only then will your stupendous website be able to do its work.

Virtual techniques for website marketing

If you can afford to spend a little money for marketing, an effective way to first promote visitors to your site is to use CPC (pay per click) services such as those provided through Google. This is a simple way to get started increasing traffic, but it does cost.

There are many forms of email marketing. A new form of emailing that shows great promise is the method of audio postcards. These services add human voices to emails to make full use of suggestive audio motivational techniques. This adds a human element to the virtual world and can be a memorable and powerful way to get your name out there.

Consider making an announcement to the press or media.

Put together a press package announcing the debut of your site. This is especially effective because it ensures that there will be many news sites linking to your website. This will increase your optimization of search engines and your page rank. Find an online service that offers press announcements. This can often be done at no cost.

When operating a physical business such as a local store, word of mouth advertising is often the most effective way to market. This is just as true for online businesses. On the web, email takes the place of speaking. So find something catchy: a video, song, or cute story, and start an email campaign. Viewers will forward it on to their friends and will help spread the word about your website. This is a free and fun way to generate traffic to your site.

Search engines and SEO

Following the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) will help you increase your page ranking and therefore bring more visitors to your site. Consider submitting your site to search engines and to article directories. These are central banks where visitors may go when looking for information on a certain subject. Depending on the engine or directory, there might be a fee for this service. Make your website attractive to search engines by including a lot of content laden with appropriate keywords. These keywords should be in context and should be present on every page of your site.

Link building is an important part of SEO.

More links to and from your site will increase your page ranking. One way to build links is by trade: find similar or complementary websites and offer to trade links to each other. This benefits both of you as it brings both link numbers and new traffic to both your sites. Make sure that the arrangement is one which will benefit your site; you want to bring in visitors, not send them off to a competitor. For a cost, you can purchase text links on websites which sell one-way linkage services.

Other ways to establish links are to participate in RSS (rich site summary) feeds, blogs, and forums. Make an RSS feed available to visitors to use to get information about updates. Make judicious use of relevant forums and blogs. When you leave comments on these sites, you can often include a link to your own. This not only entices interested people to visit your site, but increases your number of backlinks and therefore your attractiveness to search engines.

By trying a few of these techniques for generating website traffic, you will start making your amazing new content available to the public. Be creative and try a variety of methods. Put yourself in the place of your potential visitors and think about what tactics will most effectively reach your target audience.