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Why is SEO & Internet Marketing So Important to Business in Australia?

Everyday, there are millions of people surfing the net. Business people know this but are too busy running their businesses to be able to do anything about it in most cases. In addition, most business people are unaware just how powerful search engine traffic can really be and for almost all businesses in the way of revenue production.  

A large majority (I said majority) have invested significant funds on designing and uploading their websites. Unfortunately, most of these sites sit there doing nothing. Some don’t even see the light of day. Mostly because they’re not optimised to be easily found by searchers.

This is where SEO (search engine optimisation) consultants come to the rescue. Research indicates the first three positons in the SERPS (search engine results pages) absorb most of the click activity. They are also the people who normally buy quicker and are less likely to continue searching through the balance of pages. Accordingly, the amount of searches undertaken on page two and three etc. are minimal in comparison. So forget about it if you’re on page four or further on.

Search engine facts

The majority of traffic comes from search engines. That includes Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others.

  • People tend to trust the organic results of their search before a commercial advertisement commonly found in the right hand column.
  • PPC does not return the same amount of targeted visitors compared to search engine results.
  • Although SEO requires on-going maintenance, PPC requires payment on every click. I said EVERY click.
  • NPD Group concluded in its study that, “almost 92% of online users making a purchase over the net use search engines to find the relevant website.”
  • Search engines are the busiest and most used vehicles on the net, according to Media Metrix studies.

Search Engine Traffic Builds Reputation

As affirmed by the NPD Group study, “more than twice as many of those asked could recognize the names of the companies in the top three placements of the search engines compared to those who could recognize the names of companies which used banners.”

Search Engine Traffic Means Money

If you don’t yet believe that search engine traffic is critical to the future of your business you soon will. Let’s hope you don’t come to the realization too late. The internet is a fast-paced changing environment, and everyday solutions are formulated and techniques are implemented to increase web traffic. Some of these changes are of course being undertaken by your competitors as we speak.

The money is in the traffic and conversion of that traffic to sales. The more people who visit your website with an already identified interest in your product or service, the more sales you’ll achieve.

The best way to online business success is not just by spending a lot of money on conventional advertising. Indeed, you would do far worse at this point than speak to an SEO or Internet Marketing Consultant in Australia or abroad.

…I hope this has been of some help.

Ray Baker