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Optimizing Google’s Search Engine: Focus On Content!

Among the dozens of SEO factors to keep in mind, content is clearly the most important. While there are diverse tricks and techniques you can employ to improve your standings in the search engine inquiries, the number-one way to do this is by increasing and improving the content on your website. The amount of content is extremely important. A large number of pages included in your site means more content, and search engines such as Google are all about content. More content will give you more weight in the results of a Google search. What’s more, in addition to making your website far more attractive to the binary eyes of Google’s engine, adding pages and content will make your website more useful to visitors. (This, of course, is why Google places such a high emphasis on content.)

How Google works

In short, nobody really knows, except for a few key people who came up with the complex algorithms that make Google work. These algorithms are continually increasing in complexity, and the exact details are not made available to the public. However, observation of the system and the hints that are occasionally given out by the company can give an idea of the main principles that are important to the search engine.

The algorithms weight websites based on dozens of different factors. The engine determines how much relevant information each website has to offer to a user who is searching for certain ideas or topics. The more pages you have, the more information you can deliver. Increasing the number of pages is thought to have a powerful impact on Google’s results, as is interlinking the pages on your site to increase the number of links awarded to each page.

How To Increase Content

One powerful way to increase the amount of content on your website is to use your page hierarchy effectively. Your goal is to make your site user-friendly, pleasant to visit, and easy to get around. You may have started out your website with just a few pages, all of which were easily accessible by a menu at the top of each page. As your website grows, this simple hierarchy will no longer work. Having hundreds of pages with no recognizable hierarchy or order will only hurt the effectiveness of your site instead of helping it.

Group your pages into several categories and subcategories of related pages. Create a hierarchy based on the main keywords relevant to your site. This makes the pages easier to navigate while also increasing effectiveness of your topics and keywords.

Another idea is to include an article directory on your site. Article directories can be small or vast and are storehouses of short, easy-to-read information on various topics. These give you the power to quickly add a huge amount of content to your site. You can provide this content yourself, or you can get it from elsewhere, as there are many authors and providers out there eager to get their content seen. This will also help you increase traffic to your website and build a network of contacts who are interested in the same services as you.

Try including news headlines and blogs on your main web page. While you don’t want to add irrelevant content to your website, there are few websites that could not benefit from adding sections such as “latest news” or “user blogs.” Keep the news relevant to the keywords in the topic of the page. Blogs are often packed full of information and are very popular with visitors. Blogs and news headlines can be used in conjunction to add content and keywords while keeping a personal touch. Both of these are also excellent ways to draw attention to a part of your website that is often overlooked.

Using the basic principle of increasing content will increase your site traffic because of the optimization of Google’s searching routine. This will also help you develop a more effective site. Viewers will like this and will return. Make them learn something from your site and keep them entertained at the same time. This combination will ensure that they return and use your site to conduct their business.

That being said, there some pitfalls to avoid as you develop content. As mentioned previously, it is extremely important to keep your site accessible and easy to use, both for people and for search engine SEO. Have a sitemap for use by search engines and make it visible and clear.

Don’t completely forget about quality. A website with thousands of keywords and no complete sentences is unlikely to be useful to your visitors or even ranked highly by Google. Also, don’t replicate your efforts. Use unique content in each different page in order to gain a high weight in the search engine rankings. Remember, both Google and real people will be reading and evaluating your site.

Because Google is now such a popular search engine, it is worth your time to make sure you are worth Google’s time. The myriad calculations and algorithms which comprise Google are there to do one thing: look for content relevant to the search words the user has entered. The more content you offer Google to find, the more you will be included in this search. In order to do this, you need to maximize the amount of content and keywords contained in your website. But as you do this, make sure you are developing high-quality, useful information. This will make you popular both with Google algorithms and with the tastes of your website visitors.

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