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Simple Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website

When marketing your website over the internet, search engine optimization is undeniably a crucial part of it.  Every owner of an online business needs to conduct some form of search engine optimization or SEO strategies to be able to attract traffic to their websites.  However, the matter of search engine optimization is not that simple nor is there one single effective way of driving traffic to a website because there are various elements that search engines look for before they rank a certain web page at the top.

An effective search engine optimization campaign is composed of various elements.  Some SEO techniques are relatively easy while some requires hard work, patience, and perseverance.  The important thing to remember is to avoid trickery and black hat SEO tactics because these can get you penalized by search engines rather than being ranked high.  Sure, there are certain tricks that may work to make search engines rank a site high in its SERP but search engines are now getting more sophisticated than ever and will not hesitate to penalize any website that tries to fool it with trickery and black hat SEO techniques.

Here are some of the simple ways to drive traffic to your website without getting penalized by search engines:

Too Much Flash Is Not SEO-Friendly.  Flash videos indeed have high impact on viewers and make your website look good and sophisticated.  Unfortunately, flash videos do not have that impact on search engine crawlers.  Search engine crawlers cannot read or index this type of website content, all they will see is a blank space.  If you want search engines to index your site and rank it high in their SERPs, avoid using too much flash.  If you are using flash in your website, make sure to limit your use and offer an html version if you want search engine crawlers to index it.  Also, make sure to combine flash with a lot of good quality content.

You must also avoid using too much flash navigation or JavaScript navigation.  Search engine crawlers or spiders cannot understand the content that is inside flash or JavaScript.  If you are aiming for high rankings for your site’s web pages, using too much flash will not help you.  Moreover, too much flash on a web page makes loading time slower and many viewers could not wait for all the contents to load and they just tend to close the browser page when they get impatient.  This is definitely not good for your conversion rates and for your business.

The Importance Of Content Can Never Be Underestimated.  The quest for information is what drives most people to cyberspace.  It is also in the interest of search engines to provide relevant information to their searchers.  Many people searching for any kind of information use search engines to find it for them and they usually base their decision on what content to read depending on the SERPs of search engines that they use.  On the other hand, search engines look for high quality content.  The rule of thumb here is if you have quality content, the higher is the probability that a search engine will rank you higher in its SERP.  Consequently, the higher you are in the SERP, the more people will be lead and will visit your to your website.

The correct usage and placing of keywords and tags will also help your website to be indexed and ranked high and to drive traffic back to your site.  Using alt tags, meta tags, and title tags will help you a lot when doing search engine optimization.

Getting Links.  To improve your search engine ranking, you should strive to get other sites link to you.  Make sure that the back links you have come from reputable and quality websites.  Be wary also of link farming services because they will put your links in sites that are not relevant to your site.  Doing link farming can also get you penalized.

Using A Site Map.  One great way for search engine spiders to get the most information about your website is through your site map. Aside from increasing your website’s chances of getting indexed and ranked high by search engines, site maps also makes navigating around your site simpler and easier for your viewers.  Since most people use Google search engine, it would be advantageous for your website to use Google site map as it meets all the specifications of Google.

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