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How Effective Is Your SEO Campaign?

If you have launched a search engine optimization campaign, it means that you want to boost the presence of your site on the worldwide web.  After doing all the various work and tasks for your search engine optimization campaign, you would then want to know how effective it was and whether you were able to attain the goal you’ve set.

An effective search engine optimization campaign is an amalgamation of many different aspects especially if the campaign you had launched is a full blown one.  Ergo, the effectiveness of your search engine optimization campaign cannot be gauged using a single metric alone.  Besides, you’ve spent resources and efforts in your search engine optimization campaign so you would want to know whether it was all worth it.  If not, then there are still lessons that can be learned.

Measuring the effectiveness of a search engine optimization campaign is really quite complicated because you would need to use and deal with various tools and measurement strategies.  Here are four ways to measure the effectiveness of your SEO campaign:

Ranking Metrics.  Using ranking metrics will let you see where your site appears when your key phrases or keywords are searched.  Before launching your search engine optimization campaign, see first where you stand.  Then do a comparative study after you have launched your SEO campaign to see whether your ranking has indeed improved.

You can also choose to subscribe to various tools like Enqusite.  Such tools can do the job for you by tracking of the page on which there are rankings when your keywords or key phrases are searched.

Backlinks Metrics.  By using backlinks metrics, you would know the number of external links that point to your site.  As far as backlinks are concerned, the rule of thumb is the more external links pointing or linking back to your site, the greater your chances that search engines will rank your site favorably.  This goes without saying that it is way much better to have as many external links that you can organically raise as possible.

Growing your number of backlinks can be done through many different SEO strategies like article writing and submission, blog posting, and forum posting.  Just make sure that you place the URL of your site on each of your postings.

Indexation Metrics.  To achieve improved presence in search results, indexation or getting indexed is a very important step.  However, getting more indexation on your site is not good as you site will not rank if it has duplicate competitors, not knowing that it is just you who is competing with your own site.  This is what is known as split-link popularity or self-competition.

With the use of indexation metrics, you will know whether all of your website’s pages have been correctly identified and indexed by search engines.  Indexation metrics is done by measuring the indexation of your site through site queries in major search engines like Google.

Traffic And Revenue Metrics.  By using the traffic and revenue metrics, you will be able to know a lot of things like the keywords used to find your site via search engines, the revenue you generated per keywords, and the percentage of your site visitors who availed of your products.  Knowing these things will give you an idea on your strengths and weaknesses and on how to go about your future SEO campaigns.

Though the aforementioned metrics will help you determine the effectiveness of your SEO campaign or strategy, it will not give you the exact values or numbers that are said to be correct.  However, the insights that these metrics will give you are invaluable.  Furthermore, these can help you monitor your ranking status and help you know the changes that are happening in your website while you are using your search engine optimization techniques.

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