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SEO 101: The Basics

If you have a website, you need it to rank high in the search engines. If your site ranks high with Google and Yahoo it means you have lots of traffic coming to your site, and more sales or advertising revenue. Think first of the phrase you want to rank well for; if there are only a few other sites using that phrase, it is relatively simple getting good placement with the search engines. The trick is to be sure the exact phrase you want to rank for is in the tag and in at least one other area on that page.
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Five SEO Tips for Facebook

Content shared on Facebook Pages is indexable by search engines, so use that capability to your advantage. Here are five Facebook seo tips. Facebook Fan Pages are now being used by many businesses to advertise, often to the extent that it’s used as the company’s home Page, or to point users to the company website. This sort of strategy works well for small or local businesses, or those that cater to a niche market. Facebook has made some recent changes that help companies gain search engine (SEO) traffic.
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