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10 Essentials Of Article Marketing

In the online realm, article marketing is one of the oldest and most effective marketing techniques.  It is a great way of showcasing a certain product or service without spending a penny.  In this information age when content and information are very important, article marketing is one of the best ways to go when doing internet marketing.  In fact, article marketing techniques are being widely used now and have spurred the creation of more quality content that can be had over the Web.

Articles that feature particular goods or services are good ways to create awareness about a brand or product.  You can easily upload these articles to various websites on the internet so you can maximize exposure.  You can also usually provide links to your company website or web page.  Through this, you can then work on your conversions by turning your visitors into your clients or customers.

Although back-links don’t provide as much grunt as they once did for page rank from article directories, article marketing is an important aspect in most internet marketing strategies still today in a search engine optimization campaign.  If you are doing article marketing, bear these 10 essentials of article marketing in mind:

Determining Your Article’s Subject.  If you are featuring a service or a product in your article marketing strategy, it would be really helpful if you could list all the aspects of that subject that people may want to know more about.  Making such list is good way to start especially if you want you write multiple articles over time.  This would also be helpful for your further marketing efforts.  Determining your article’s subject is also important so that you can have focus in your article.  With focus, you can rightly expound on your topic and give helpful information to your readers.

Doing Your Research.  It would always be wise to do some research because you can always find helpful information along the way.  Even if you already have a good grasp of your subject, doing further research is always recommended.  With research, you can have a deeper comprehension on your subject’s background and you can have a better understanding of your subject.  You can then impart this renewed and additional understanding to your readers through your well-researched articles.

Make Your Title Click-Worthy.  A lot of information is available to internet users and they usually use search engines to look for the piece of information they need.  Search engines just display the title and some excerpts of a particular content in their search engine results page.  This is one of the reasons why your title should be compelling enough to interest the reader to click on it to read more.  This is what having a click-worthy article means.  Your title must encapsulate the essence of your article as much as possible. It is also be wise to include your keywords in the title for search engine optimization purposes.

Writing The Article: Focus On Imparting Information Rather Than Selling Yourself.  One of the main reasons driving people to cyberspace is their quest for information.  Even though you are writing articles to create awareness about your product and driving traffic to your website for business purposes, just remember not to overdo it.  People on look for information tend to get turned off if your article is blatantly doing a sales talk.  Be subtle and provide good information.  If you do this, not only will you get the traffic that you are targeting with your article marketing campaign, you can also find that it helps you to make higher conversion rates from that traffic.

The Importance Of Keywords. It always helps to do a thorough keyword research to determine the sets of keywords commonly used by your target market and the competition for these keywords.  The importance of determining and using the right keywords is very crucial if your article marketing efforts is in line with a search engine optimization campaign.  For maximum effectiveness, target long tail keywords as these kinds of keywords are more specific.  You can improve the optimization of your articles if you use long tail keywords and you can get a higher ranking in search engine results page.

Focus On Quality, Not Quantity.  Since majority of the people using the internet are in search for information, focusing on quality and well-written articles will get you more traffic to your website rather than posting multiple articles that don’t say much.  You would also need to use your keywords as much as possible and reach the recommended keyword density percentage but make sure that your article is readable and has a good structure and form.

Aside from the fact that search engines always consider quality content when ranking web pages, an article of excellent quality can get bookmarked, reposted in social networking sites, and referenced in blog posts of other people.  So make sure that your article is well written and devoid of any grammatical or typographical errors.

Uploading Your Articles.  Aside from uploading articles to your website, one important part of article marketing is submitting your articles to various article directories and other sites that accept article submission.  You can try typing “article directories” in search engines to get a list of sites you can submit your articles to.  It would be wise to submit your articles to high page rank or PR article directories like Ezine Articles, eHow, Goarticles, SearchWrap, and Buzzle.  Just follow the directions when submitting your articles and upload accordingly.  Wait for the editors of the sites you submitted your articles to approve them.  You would also need to track your article statistics one they get published so you can get an insight on what aspect of your article marketing efforts to focus on.

The Resource Box.  Aside from a brief content about yourself and your product, so not forget to include a hyperlink to your web site or web page.  Most article directories allow this.  Providing a hyperlink to your web page or website will drive traffic to it and it is also a good way of building back links for search engine optimization or SEO purposes.

Don’t Forget To Promote Your Articles And To Create Links.  Even if you have great articles that are well written and very informative, posting it on your website or web page only will not drive the needed traffic to your site.  You need to post it in other sites.  Aside from posting your articles in various article submission sites, you can post it in your various social networking accounts.  You also need to create links that will lead people to your website or web page.  There are many ways in creating back links and these include front loading of your articles by dropping links in relevant forums or by sending the link to your customer list.

Repeat The Process.  Article marketing does not end in having a single article posted on the internet or with a number of clicks on your links or with a few conversions.  Article marketing is an internet marketing technique that you need to build and develop over time.  So you need to write another article and repeat the same process.  If you diligently and persistently do this, you can reap the rewards for your efforts.  Since article marketing builds over time, you would need to start now.

..hope that helps in some way,

Ray Baker