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SEO Integrity or Cheating?

Entering into business on the Internet provides a vast medium in order to obtain clientele. Dedicating your self to an online business requires work in regards to creating ‘visitors’ by search directory marketing.

Several websites exist offering services on creating the hype for you. However, some companies invalidly compose a website to contain excessive amounts of keywords or code in order to attract search engine ranking. A lot of the time, this marketing tactic shamefully outranks viable, meaningful websites.

A Black Hat SEO does everything in their power to boost their site up the search engine results pages. These websites often contain hidden code and trickery. Take extra care when surfing the Internet for products or services and don’t let a Black Hat SEO get the best of you if you decide to go looking for SEO services.

Unfortunately, the White Hat SEO community has their share of run-ins with the Black Hat SEO ‘crooks’. A Black Hat SEO targets anyone and everyone. They feel no consequences in taking someone for a ride in regards to their finances. Establishing your self on the Internet through honest, hard work requires a good amount of research these days. A trusted White Hat SEO will have references who’ve been around for a while to vouch for their honesty in website marketing campaigns. A Black Hat SEO remains notorious for dishing out fake names and doesn’t produce repeat work in comparison to a White Hat SEO.

White Hat SEO producers Russell Wright, Charles Heflin, or Bruce Clay come from a trusted background and have become widely known for their excellent work. Of course, a die-hard Black Hat SEO will be difficult to identify because they usually tell you what you want to hear. Testimonials and pressuring articles need to be overlooked in the process of researching a site’s trustworthiness and deciding whether or not their product or service can match your investment.

How a Black Hat SEO Cheats, The Facts

Buying into Black Hat SEO schemes seems like a viable means of creating Internet traffic fast, at first. Your business may do well for up to a year by purchasing a service or gimmick to boost your search results. However, realize the future holds dark days for companies choosing immediate gratification in the consumer market.

The amount of work put into Black Hat SEO schemes falls dead in the end, while the same amount of work put into White Hat SEO activity continues to return rewards well into the future. Buying into a Black Hat SEO scheme costs a pretty penny when you consider long-term goals, finances or outcomes.

Google provides a great example of quality over immediate consumer gratification. The well-known search based engine could take large amounts of money from a Black Hat SEO and ‘fix’ search results, but Google staff take pride in their continuing customer satisfaction. Ultimately, customer satisfaction wins over immediate profit and provides Google with a steady flow of business. As an example, wouldn’t you go back to a lender, real estate agent or health care provider granting you the best customer service for a very reasonable price? Google rely on the same criteria for integrity, quality service and meaningful clientele relationships. Google serves as a great role model for any company looking to start up  an Internet-based business.

In Closing

Internet-based marketing success depends on providing the consumer with details they’re really interested in. The same idea applies to submitting work to Internet search engines. Be objective about your site and provide unique information about the product or service you offer.

Niche marketing provides a good starting point in creating a rich, Internet-based business. Software used to boost your site ratings provides a horrible starting point for long-term Internet-based business goals.

Reciprocal linking to other sites takes time and investment often not worth the return value.

Seek out an SEO knowledgable in On-Page and Off-Page marketing tactics. Investment in an SEO consultant will be well worth the expense. Remember you cannot expect something for nothing when working with a SEO and SEM expert. Be aware of your business’s future and the relationships you develop along the way.

Author Ray Baker is known as a conservative ‘no shorcuts’ seo expert for internet marketing purposes and often writes for Internet Marketing Journals and Internet Optimization clients.