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Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Website Traffic

More and more people are bringing their businesses to cyberspace.  This is because of the whole new landscape of marketing opportunities on the online realm made possible by the latest advances in communication and internet technologies.  Now, more than ever, more and more people are getting online and getting connected through the internet via social media sites and search engines especially now with the advent of mobile internet.

Due to these developments, the world has seen how technology helped all kinds of businesses and many people around the globe succeed in their endeavors.  Various powerful marketing tools have been created to cater to the growing demand brought about by the revolutionary impact technology has made to the world.

For companies who do business online or for those who include internet marketing in their overall marketing strategy, increasing traffic to their business or company websites is an absolute must.  The need to come up high in the search engine page results is what all websites aim at.

Increasing traffic to a website is not that simple.  It calls for the right search engine optimization campaign, the right people to work on the said campaign, perseverance, and hard work.  Here are the most important components of a good search engine optimization campaign to drive volumes of traffic to your website:

Website Optimization
.  Crawlers of search engines read only the HTML of your website’s pages.  With this being said, you would need to properly optimize them so that search engine crawlers can be guided to the right areas and content of your web pages.  Never forget to put H1 to H6 using your keywords.  Also, place Alt tags on your web pages’ images as much as possible.

Extensive Keyword Research.  Any search engine optimization campaign starts with an extensive and solid keyword research and keyword sorting.  This is quite a tedious process and not all SEO professionals have the patience to do this painstakingly.  If you don’t patiently go through with extensive keyword research, you will only end up revising your efforts.  You can lose valuable time and effort and, most of all, traffic in the process.  Aside from patience, intelligent calculation is also needed to achieve effective results for your SEO campaign.  You would also need the best tools available to perform your keyword research task. My favourite at the time of writing is market Samurai (hard to beat). Don’t glean over this one – watch their videos!

Original And Optimized Content.  The best element on a live web page is SEO-based content writing.  People and search engine crawlers alike love content that is original, fresh, and full of useful information.  Web content must also be well written and optimized for SEO purposes.  The right balance of keywords, usually around 3% or 5%, is a rough guide for optimized content.  That said, simply writing naturally can never be beaten if it is focussed on the intended subject and includes synonyms.  You can use two to three keywords in your content and it is better if the most important keyword is at the beginning and at the end of your content.

Social Bookmarking.  Active involvement in various social bookmarking activities is very important if you want to increase the traffic to your website.  Join all the social bookmarking sites you can like Digg,, Stumbleupon, Twitter, Reddit, and a lot more.  You can bookmark your own articles and press releases in these sites while making friends and sharing your bookmarks at the same time.

One good thing about social bookmarking sites is that they are well optimized and cached by search engines everyday.  Within 24 hours after bookmarking your website’s content or link in these social bookmarking sites, your site will be cached by Google.

Article Syndication.  You should write press releases and articles about your website and the products or services that it offers.  Then, submit them to various article directories and press release websites.  NOT Link Farms. Including anchor text in your article or press release will help lead readers to your website.  Also, you can have the internal pages of your website cached by search engines.  This can increasingly boost your website’s presence more than ever.

…although they are the basics, I hope that’s of some help,

Ray Baker