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Why You Need Backlinks

In the cyberspace world and in SEO internet marketing strategies, backlink building is very important.   To put it simply, backlinks are links from other websites or webpages that point or direct to your website.  They are also called inlinks, a shortcut for incoming links.  You can have a URL of your website displayed in other sites or you can use anchored text.  These anchored texts are clickable text links that usually shows the name of your site or shows keywords.

Backlinks are important components especially with search engines and  optimization strategies.  If you want your site known in cyberspace and to create an awareness for your brand, using backlinks as part of your overall strategy would be an excellent idea.  The simple rationale for is the fact that search engines and people can only find your website if you let them know where and how to find you.

Here are just some of the reasons why you need to build backlinks for your website:

Traffic.  Having backlinks help build and increase the traffic to your site.  Many Netizens like the sense of suspense when clicking on a link and not knowing for certain where that link leads.  Of course, they must like the content of your site for them to be enticed to visit it again.

Aside from letting people who see your link know who you are, you also build your brand and reputation in the process.  It would really help if your links are placed in sites that are credible and considered as authorities.  This sense of credibility and authority will also rub off on your site as well.

If more traffic is driven to your site via your backlinks, you can generate more activity and, consequently, more revenues.  Moreover, you can have your content, products, or services get recognized in the process.

Get Indexed By Search Engines.  If your website is indexed by search engines, it will show up on search engine results of people who are searching for queries and terms pertinent to what your site offers.  If you want people to know of your website’s existence and the value of its contents or products or services that you offer, getting indexed by search engines is the way to go.

If you have quality backlinks, search engines find it easier to index your site.  The search engines will not find you unless you give them a clue on where they can find you.  This could not be done unless you build backlinks to your site.

PageRank.  Improve your site’s PageRank if you want to be discovered by your target audience and target market.  The higher your ranking, the better.  Aside from doing the necessary search engine optimization techniques, linking to pages that are respected, credible, and with high PR value will enable you to acquire even a small portion of that site’s PageRank value.  Though this is only possible with backlinks that have dofollow qualities, this is one technique that you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Having a high PageRank gives your site a competitive advantage over competitors.  This kind of ranking gauges the importance of your site as far as search engines are concerned.  There are many Netizens who also base their judgment on what search engines say.

Target Keywords Ranking.  People using search engines input keywords when searching for information about something.  Consequently, search engines look for sites that have the searched keyword in its content and ones that are relevant.  The results are then according to rank that search engines gave to all relevant sites.

Many sites use keywords as the anchor text of their backlinks.  With these, search engines will have idea of what your site is all about.  Search engines crawl and follow every backlink on cyberspace and these backlinks, in turn, serve as some sort of votes for certain keywords or terms.  The quality and the quantity of your links are important considerations for your site to be ranked on search engine result pages.