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If you have come here for instant access to improved SEO through LSI, and Silo Theme building, you can see them here (Learning & introduction) Profitable Website Building 101, and (Advanced) ThemeZoom.

Everyone else should read the article below.

I think the amount of complaints extraordinary that pop up about search engines updating their algorithms. It seems that most people think that Google is trying to trick them or make it hard to get ahead when nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s think carefully about this because many of you are being led astray by clever marketers who want you to purchase their latest piece of software that has been built to sneak around the search engine triggers and deceive. There are good marketers too who understand that it’s smarter, easier and much more rewarding to work with the search engines because their goals are in your interest as well as theirs.

The algorithms are most often changed because people are cheating and defrauding the general public who become frustrated when they do a search and end up with something that is completely irrelevant to their search. So Google (as an example) have to monitor, identify and change the algorithms to escape the black hat onslaught of cheats. You want the buyers to keep coming don’t you?

The Latest and Most Relevant

Enter ‘Latent Semantic Indexing’, Silo websites and sophisticated tooling for the smart webmasters.

No longer will saturating your content with keyword phrases, linking or pay per click allow the cheats to prosper. Now you will need to supply what the general public (searchers) are looking for each time they type in a keyword phrase or click on an ‘AdWords’ advertisement. It’s a good thing and we should all be happy about it. Why? Because Google will be looking at your content to ensure that it is theme saturated. This means that the subject matter must be clearly reflected in the content and it can do this by page and by SITE content. In other words, your page/site must be specific to the keyword phrase that has been typed in by the searcher. Here are some essentials to remember if you are rebuilding or starting your new site and you are keen to get good, long term, organic, natural ranking;

• The content must be of high quality
• The content must be original
• Site design must be planned (not just slapped up with ‘flash’ everywhere)
• The content must be theme related (there’s a technique for this)
• On page and landing page optimization is now crucial to success
• Off page optimization is now less important however, still important for ranking
• Avoid ‘theme bleeding’ (explained in the Master Plan below)

Google purchased a specialist semantics company not all that long ago with this change in mind. As a result, they can now become more and more accurate at suppling searchers with what they want. This is also good for you and me. When you optimize your site using siloing and LSI, you will no doubt monetize your site with theme related items for purchasing or AdSense, Chitika and similar products.

There is far too much information for me to include in a mere article so I have supplied you with direct access where you can see exactly what you need to do to become friends with the search engines on a long term basis with all your sites and prosper.

1. Firstly, you should take a look at this affordable approach for learning SEO and a powerful introduction to your stable and successful future Profitable Website Building 101 In my opinion this is the one to begin with and work your way up to Themzoom after getting the Masterplan bedded down.

2. When you reach a more advanced level, you will be ready for ThemeZoom where you will be surprised to learn just how easy it is to create silos with themed content based on accurately chosen keyword phrases. Note: This is NOT another keyword tool. I know it sounds like the first name of an extraterrestrial but it is probably the most sophisticated theme building tool on the planet as I write this. If you’re serious about a good future and building long term wealth and a stable future on the internet, you will need this and it will impress you!

See you at the top of the first page.

Ray Baker

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