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John Reese Traffic Secrets 2 Review

johnbio21.jpgThe online marketing world is abuzz with the release of the new John Reese Traffic Secrets course for online marketing. John Reese established himself a market leader in driving traffic to websites in 2004 with the phenomenal launch of his original Traffic Secrets. An incredible $1 million of product was sold in a mere 18 hours.

Everything about the Traffic Secrets product launch was legendary. To start with, not one cent was spent on marketing. John Reese just used good marketing strategies, which is what Traffic Secrets is all about. Teaching people web traffic secrets. Probably the thing that shocked everyone when he made a million in less than a day was the price of Traffic Secrets – $997. This was at a time where top of the line e-books were selling for just under $100.

Traffic Secrets was popular as the average person on the street could learn the secrets to get more website traffic. Not a cheap training course by any means and out of many people’s reach financially but it sold. A testament to John’s marketing skills and knowledge. Another remarkable story attached to the first release of Traffic Secrets is there has been almost no negative feedback about his product from anywhere in the world.

Traffic Secrets is a complete online marketing training course. It covers affiliate marketing, testing, using auto responders and so much more. Many internet marketing experts still refer to Traffic Secrets as an authority on online marketing and still recommend its use.

Maybe this could be because John Reese is a fanatic about quality, reliability and integrity. He continually tests his web pages to ensure he gets the maximum benefit from his strategies. There is no doubt that his customers testify to making much more back than the cost of the Traffic Secrets course they bought. Since John Reese launched the first traffic secret set there has been a traffic secrets torrent flooding the market, such as long tail traffic secrets, that have tried to emulate John Reece’s success with their own advice.

With the long awaited release of Traffic Secrets 2.0 its price has come down to only $397. Its affordability will make it accessible to so many more people and we will all be working a lot harder to keep our names at the top. Traffic Secrets 2.0 is completely new and does not cover any old ground from the first web Traffic Secrets. It concentrates on using Web 2 strategies and new techniques to drive traffic to your website.

John Reese has built an enviable reputation for driving targeted website traffic to where you want it. He realized there was no point doing things the hard way. Why do something new when you can reverse engineer what is working for others? Some may think John Reese’s ‘rise to success’ came overnight and while, in a sense, it did, for every single overnight sensation there are many years of hard work behind them. He is a good example that tenacity and integrity is the best way to do business. The name John Reese has been the talk of the internet marketing world for the last few years, and probably will be for years to come with the launch of his Traffic Secrets 2.

Traffic Secrets 2 comes at a time when things are changing more rapidly than ever, especially with the rise of social networking websites and video. Things change incredibly quickly in the world of the internet and marketing yourself online. What traffic secrets were there a few years ago might no longer be applicable for today’s online marketing strategies.

Important: At any rate, I’ve decided this review can’t reveal the value to expect from this course and the increased website traffic that comes with it; it would be more informative for you to make your own judgment. You’ll have to read the inroduction to see how John is ‘raising the bar’ when it comes to Internet Marketing education products. (It’s truly impressive.)

NEWS – John has just closed Traffic Secrets 2 for updates. It will be open again shortly so make sure you bookmark this page below.  In the meanwhile have a quick squizz at these other website traffic tips – they’re helpful.

Ray Baker

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