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Web2 submitting – Be Selective and Be Careful!

This review isn’t what you think! Read on for an eye opener! Writing Power Linking in 2002 established Jack Humphrey as a social media marketing guru. Since then he has written more books and developed software to help all the burgeoning social networking and social media marketing entrepreneurs. That would be – me and you! But is it top of the heap?

His specialties include organic linking, blog and social marketing, search engine optimization and related linking strategies. When Jack Humphrey has something to say – people listen. And when Jack Humphrey and his associates release new software, everyone scrambles for a copy. We all want to catch up with the latest technologies to help drive more traffic to our web 2.0 websites. It is all about competition and finding the best ways to stay visible once our websites rank well with our target audiences.

Since the release of the Web2submitter, it has been thought to be the answer to many a webmaster or website owner’s dream. If you are submitting volumes of blog posts and articles to multiple social networking sites, you will know how time consuming that can be. We all know how important it is to generate high volumes of traffic to make money from our websites, but the time it takes can steal time away from precious other tasks. It’s meant to be semi-automatic and more than halves the time it takes to make multiple submissions to your favorite social bookmarking and social media websites.

Are you currently manually logging into each individual site to submit your information? Then you have to fill in the forms with tags, write a good, accurate, catchy description, the story title and a link. For every single site you submit to. Do you do this every day trying to boost your rankings so you can earn a living? This can take up to an hour a day but we all have trouble finding the time to do it. How would you like to reduce this time to around 15 minutes? There are tools out there that can save you up to 7 hours a week and boost your traffic and online credibility. This is up to 7 hours a week you can put to better use. More! Depending of course if you have one or more sites. If you have more sites, you’ll save even more time.

After trying a few so-called Web 2.0 submitters I started to see that the free versions weren’t that good. Most of the others slowly began to crash and become unreliable. There was lots of duplicate content firing off everywhere and customer service was poor and that left me a little frustrated.

Do yourself a favor and check out some of the cool software tools online that can cut down the time you spend in front of the computer. The biggest benefit you get from some of them actually is time, as well as the ability to track and archive your stories and blog posts, submit them automatically – all at the click of a button. The added benefit is no longer will you need to remember your account names, log-ins and passwords as these nifty little programs will take care of all of that for you.

With all the new technology emails hitting our in-boxes constantly, take a look at the ones that will help you build good social marketing networks; not just free or low cost; look for quality and make your life simpler and less complicated while doing the job you bought it for.

Whatever you choose – it MUST be search engine friendly. Remember that!

Here’s a twist! I have found something more powerful than any other web submitting tool I have used. It’s white-hat and squeaky clean – watch this video and read the PDF – visit this link for a web submission demonstration that really is exceptionally special.