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What is a Silo Structured Website & It’s Importance to SEO

For ordinary people, the term “silo structured website” will undoubtedly raise some eyebrows.  However, for search engine optimization or SEO professionals, the concept is quite simple.  A silo structured website is a website structure that is very well organized and very easy to navigate.  Aside from making a website friendly for its visitors, search engine robots or crawlers absolutely love silo structured websites.

The silo structure in websites is based on the principle behind the construction of silos in farms.  Farmers usually have many silos for their various produce, with the same products kept at the same silos.  A silo structured website is very similar to this.  Similar or related content are grouped together and the website is divided into these groupings.  Moreover, the web pages that are related to one another can be found in the same directory.

A well structured website that search engine spiders can easily navigate and read is well loved by search engines.  If the search engine spiders can clearly identify what a particular website or webpage is about, this increases the probability of the website to improve its page rank.  Inversely, if a website is to messy, not organized and has links spread carelessly about, it will not get a good page ranking for any of its pages.

There are website owners, internet marketing services and even SEO services who do not implement a silo structure in their websites because the process of doing so is tedious and time consuming.  However, the effort will surely pay off.  By creating a silo structure for a website and creating a one way linking system, search engine crawlers see the website with clearly defined themes.  This way, that particular website will get favorable ranking points from search engine spiders.

Here are some of the advantages the silo structure can give to any website:


With the developments in internet technology, websites can now be crawled more often and faster.  A silo structure makes sure that when a website is crawled, the search engine crawler is sent through the whole website deliberately and systematically.  This structure gives search engine spiders a good knowledge of what a particular site is all about and takes into account all its overriding themes and content.


These days search engines usually use semantics and synonyms in their effort to provide their users with the most relevant results.  The results returned by search engines usually include the hits that do not necessarily contain the terms or keywords entered by users in the search tab.  If a website is silo structured, the site pages’ clearly defined themes would make it possible for the website to be indexed for other terms or keywords within those themes.  Essentially, a site with a silo structure can get indexed and ranked for keywords that may have not necessarily been targeted by the website owner.


Following a silo structure, a website will have pages that are highly targeted to specific themes.  This way, a silo structured website will be more relevant and, consequently, more important in the eyes of search engine spiders.  This is very important if you are doing search engine optimization and you want your website to be ranked favorably by search engines.  As any SEO professional knows, the higher a web page is ranked, the more it is viewed and perceived as an authority in your chosen niche.  This will then help increase traffic into your website and this increase in traffic also means more leads, more conversions, and more income.  Getting favorably ranked by search engines will also help build your reputation as a leader in your chosen field of endeavor.

I hope this has been of some help,

Ray Baker