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Using SEO Tools: Submitting to DMOZ Site Directory for Boosting Traffic Results

There’s something about being short and to the point with regards to certain topics. Thus, the following article gives direction to movement and details on submitting your website to free directories including DMOZ. The points expressed will definitely assist you, if you desire knowledge on DMOZ submission.

Several forum discussions include a topic on how to register with DMOZ and ways it can improve the site’s rank. Most SEO (search engine optimizers) promote registration with DMOZ to boost search engine results in the website’s favor. Submitting to DMOZ will not decide whether or not your website lives or dies in the public eye, but it could definitely help obtain a few more hits than without use. Submitting DMOZ proves more help than harm in either outcome of prospective business.

Users engage two main ways to list their site in the DMOZ directory. One method involves finding the category with the most relation to your website. Personally, this method proves the hardest route to promoting your website through DMOZ. Users often choose the wrong category to associate with their personal website. A mistake of this caliber delays directory insertion for several months.

Another method involves hunting down your town and city in a region-oriented database. This application process for submitting your site to DMOZ starts with finding your region and by all means seems less troublesome than the former method described.

Registering your website with DMOZ requires filling out a bit of information regarding the site’s contents. You need to be objective when describing details contained in your website, as if someone else were writing about it. Do not promote your site by using adjectives, such as great, superior, enthusiastic, or number-one. DMOZ directs movement of Internet interest groups, not actual sales promoting. DMOZ editors become frustrated each time they have to rewrite a site description to leave out promotional ‘fluff’. Entries needing minimal to no revisions get their websites promoted at a much faster rate.

Patience provides necessary virtues in almost any time consuming project or activity, submitting to DMOZ could take a while depending on workloads allocated to the editors.

They sometimes seem to have a ‘klunky’ and failing submission page at the time of writing this article. If you are truly keen you’ll just have to keep returning until it’s working. Officials at DMOZ expected to be back on track and registering new websites again, sometime in 2007.

The wait to be listed can be frustrating but no-one can punish you for doing your best with submitting to this site. Be patient with it’s bureaucratic behaviour and once you’ve carefully selected the most appropriate category in your eyes – simply put it behind you and move on to your next task.
This article was published here by Ray Baker who runs and operates SEO Web Site Development

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