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10 Principle Rules for Successful SEO and Traffic

I think it’s particularly frustrating when someone tells you that it is essential and quicker if you use some kind of latest edition software or perhaps cheating the engines (black hat techniques) to get up through the search engine pages and achieve credible SEO and quality traffic. How long can this go on? The path is not that difficult. It does require work and time but it’s worth it because if you optimize properly and with long term quality in mind, you’ll do extremely well and be rewarded for a long time to come. I have listed below the key factors for your consideration prior to starting a new site or indeed making adjustments to the sites you may already have in place.

• Make a plan on paper first – nothing fancy and just use a pencil. Included in this plan is Keyword research. Don’t skimp here because this sets the direction and you don’t want to waste your time. I have and it’s not pleasing.

• Commit to quality in every case – don’t swerve from this, no matter what!

• Try to stay with your own original content. You can have content written for you but again – try to stay with original work as much as you can

• Study On-page optimization – it’s not a science degree, you’ll pick it up quickly

• Also study Off-page optimization (this is important). Spend some time doing this until you understand it

• Understand back linking – this is a must and is strongly related to the point I mentioned above. Reciprocal linking is OK but no where near as important as back linking

• Learn all about Anchor Text – also essential for back linking value and search engine positioning

• Don’t spend too much time on the aesthetics. There’s a lot to be said for a pleasant looking site but your audience will be more than pleased with quality content and the ease of moving around your site

• Make it easy for people to promote your site with Tags, Inform A Friend links, Add To Favorites button, Link To Me, articles, reports etc.

Be honest, Don’t try the cheating way. I have heard of someone who built a site over 2 years and then experimented with Black Hat software and now he’s off the air (sandboxed) for possibly 6 months and then he’ll be observed for a long time to come with that site. 2 years of hard work down the gurgler (for 6 months).

You may be aware of these factors already. If that’s the case, I hope I’ve refreshed your memory with one or two points. The message is meant to be clear. Focus on these points and you will not look back. Don’t focus on these points and your success will drag out a little, maybe a lot. Probably the latter.

In the end, quality is important to make our visiting traffic happy and comfortable in returning again. So now we’re down to two facts – quality content and traffic. Here’s where and indeed who I learned a lot from about traffic and why it shouldn’t come from just one source. Learning to use an abundance of website traffic secrets is a special tip on its own.

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