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Off Page Optimization: A Brief Overview

First of all, what is off page optimization? You probably are taking great pains to make sure that every word on your website optimizes your exposure and reflects well on your business. But not everything beneficial to your website happens on your own pages. Other sites link to your pages, directories and reviewers include descriptions or links to your site, and so on. These external sources of interest for your page are referred to as off page optimization.

The best examples of off page promoters are links from external sites.

These have to be earned; the quality and relevance of the content on your site will earn you the respect and linkage from other complementary sites.

  • The best way to accomplish this is to fill your website with high-quality material written or created by experts and professionals. That might be you.
  • Provide a multitude of information and tell people where to go (online or in real life) to get more.
  • Linking to the pages of others’ is a good way to network and provide your visitors with easy access to relevant pages.
  • This is a good way to share visitors, traffic, and exposure among a pair or group of common sites. Don’t over do it though! You will need more incoming links than outgoing links to do well with organic traffic in this business.

Not all off page interest and performance happens on the internet.

Public speaking and networking events also act to increase traffic to your website and to develop the reputation of your online business.

Meeting you in real life is a good impetus for customers to visit your website. This is far more effective than a nameless link lost among the multitudes of others found by the search engines. By actively promoting your website in your physical community, you put a face and a personality to the words and graphics on your site.

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