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How to use anchor text in backlinks

Anchor text and back links

Anchor text and back links

How to use anchor text for backlinks

What is an anchor text link?

This term is often misunderstood with other things in linking but for the main, it means a link which indicates in its text that which you would expect to find on the landing page if you click on it.

So if the anchor text link on a website page stated the words ‘Australian venomous spiders’ what would you expect to find on the landing page that it linked to? That’s right! A landing page with content relating to Australian venomous spiders. It really is as simple as that.

Most search engines rely on these anchor text descriptions to identify the subject matter of a webpage. If the page however is misleading and the search engines find out (and they will) that page is likely to be penalized by dropping it to the bottom of the heap (supplementary pages). Learn more about search engines.

The sites you would find on the first page of Google will respond to such a search but only those that have been optimized and are recognized for their relevant subject matter will show. Meaning that there would need to be some kind of backlink,  part of the title, H1 tag or url that identifies the pages as ‘australian venomous spiders’. I should quickly add here that all of the above would be closer to worlds best optimizing practice. Remember – never cheat, you could be burned at the stake and your website hurled into pergatory if you are naughty.

How to Anchor Text

This is pretty straight foward really but some clarity never goes astray.

Let’s say your site’s domain name is and you wanted it known for providing information on australian venomous spiders. This is how the anchor text should be structured.

Here’s a sample anchor text html

<a href=””>australian venomous spiders</a>

Notice I included the www in the link. I recommend you do that too.

Anchor Text Backlinks

When someone on another blog or static website wants to refer to your site they hopefully use a similar anchor text as above. This would then become a back-link. Why? Because it’s pointing back to your site.

These kind of back-links are very powerful and they are good practice. The more you have pointing back to your site from other websites around the globe, the better. Internal linking should not be overlooked using this practice either. Too many webmasters and designers discount the value of internal linking using anchor text. I have used some internal links in this article.  See my article on SEO and link building.

One more thing, the higher the page rank of the page pointing back to your site, the more significant effect it has. Higher page rank back-links will push your page (and site) up through the pages quicker than lower pagerank back-links. Here are ten simple rules for good SEO and increased website traffic.

It really doesn’t matter if the anchor text says either australian venomous spiders or australian venomous spiders for sale. The same outcome will be achieved. There is much more to this subject but for now we are only covering anchor text and how to set one up. If you’re hungry for more tips and information, register and download my free internet marketing course. There are ten chapters and each one is emailed to you every couple of days.