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Gaining Viral Back Links for Blogs – new

The Reciprocal Review Carousel

With the evolution of search engines to put more and more weight on links, website owners are getting increasingly creative in their efforts to provide backlinks to their sites. Search engines are extraordinarily refined and can sniff out blatant attempts to link, such as reciprocal linkage and link farming. These practices are frowned upon by engines such as Google and will drop your page ranking. So how do you create a network of backlinks to your site while ensuring that they are all honest, quality links which will promote your page and your weight in the search engine rankings?

An idea known as the “Reciprocal Review Carousel” is a great way to increase the number of links and advertise your website by means of blogging. This method combines networking, blogging, advertising, and linkage all into one easy task. Along the way, you will find out more about other websites that you may be interested in, and you will gain new reviews of your site that may prove beneficial. As if that weren’t enough, you will be giving other website owners a hand by reviewing their sites as well.

Here’s how it works:

1. Find a few websites to review and write short (two to three sentence) reviews or descriptions of these. Choose about four or five websites since you are the one starting this off, and pick ones you like so that you can write good reviews.

2. Find a web blog which is appropriate to the topic of the websites you have chosen. This should also be relevant to the keywords in your own website to which you will be linking.

3. Write a blog post with the following: a description of the Reciprocal Review Carousel, all the reviews you just wrote, and instructions for the next person to proceed.

Let’s look at those in detail. The description of the Reciprocal Review is essentially what’s contained in these few paragraphs. Tell them how the Carousel works. In fact, you can copy and paste the text from this article if you’d like. It’s nice to add a note telling how you became part of the process.

When you include the reviews, make sure you place a link to each website you have reviewed. End each review with a note telling who reviewed the site. This is where you should place the link to your own website, using the anchor text that you want used in all your links.

The instructions for the next person to proceed are as follows: They should copy your entire post into a new blogging post on another blog site. They then remove the bottom review from the post and add a new one at the top, of their own choosing, along with their note, link, and anchor text.

Are you seeing the simple beauty of the carousel yet? Website owners who see your blog post will take your text and post it on another site, including the link to your site. Each time they will add one new review and take one off, but your review will stay around for some time and will find its way to many new websites and viewers. And this is not a one-to-one operation; dozens of people could develop off your post, adding their own reviews and placing the precious links on hundreds of new pages. This is called the viral or snowball effect, because it starts with one person and avalanches into a phenomenon which encompasses many.

This whole process is easy and fun to do. It will make you aware of other sites that are noteworthy of attention, and will direct hordes of bloggers and surfers to your site. What’s more, Carousel posts can increase the value of the blogging websites as they become storing houses for diverse, useful, and honest information about websites.

If you’re feeling a little lazy and don’t want to start up the Reciprocal Carousel process on your own, you don’t have to. This idea is in full swing and there are many blogging sites out there which contain Carousel posts. Just do a Google search to find a post that has already been started, and then you can join in a round of the Carousel that is already in full swing. (You can find these on several topics.)

The links that you earn to your own site will be many. This is especially useful because you will get to choose the anchor text that is used in each link. This will help you to optimize search engine performance and increase your page ranking. You are unlikely to run into problems with link farming because the number of links on blogging pages is often limited. One of the best features of this link building technique is that it won’t cost you a penny. In fact, you may find that you even have fun doing it, and find yourself with a close network of partners and friends that you meet in the process.

Sites Reviewed:

* Photography is a blog based on improving photography skills. It’s a general digital photography source of information with free and extensive tips on producing better photos. It includes a forum, news and related resources to make digital photography that much easier. Reviewed by the SEO site.

* Peter Lenkefi writes about Web 2.0 marketing strategies at He has some killer videos over there you should check out along with a ton of good information on blog marketing and various “new media” promotion tactics. Reviewed by: Link Building Maniac, Jack Humphrey, for the Friday Traffic Report

* is an original creator of Viralink concept and a blog publishing information on Magic, Personal development and blog development. I have found a wealth of information on getting your blog noticed and generating the traffic for free. Reviewed by: WordPress Web 2.0 Guide

* FitForFreedom is well-established blog where you can find multitude of information on achieving financial freedom. Blog is run by Marco Righter and his writing style greatly adds to the value of information he provides. Reviewed by: Alex

* Secure Your PC For Internet blog run by Colin and provides essential information everyone accessing internet should know. Identity theft is becoming more and more of an issue and by visiting his blog you can minimize the risk of being compromised. Reviewed by: Alex

* VI-SU blog is all about WordPress, AdSense, SEO and Internet Marketing. Although mostly written in German I have found that using Google translate is worth the effort for his posts. Reviewed by: Alex

* Home With Heather is a great informative blog targeting WAHM (Work At Home Moms) and run by … you guessed it – Heather Masson. Information on what works for her in Internet Business written is very easy to read and comes from her personal experience. Reviewed by: Alex

* A Copywriter’s Blues blog published by Alex Badalic, a veteran of advertising turned musician gives you great food for soul. I have found some nice old videos of Johnny Cash performance and he has a lot more of vintage videos to satisfy fans. Reviewed by: Alex

* Did You Smell That blog authored by one of the veterans on network marketing filled with business ideas you can use. David Ledoux is well known and respected in online community and now he makes his experience available via blog posts. Reviewed by: Alex

* Best Damn Blog run by Richard Wing is all about Internet Marketing. Your visit will be rewarded by honest reviews, freebies and information you need to succeed in this cut-throat business without sacrificing your integrity. Reviewed by: Alex

— copy and paste the Reciprocal Review Carousel and instructions above this line —

Once you’ve gone over this and thought about it for a minute or two the light will flash before you. Remember not to review too many and have fun reviewing and finding sites you believe to be valuable.

Ray Baker

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