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Why SEO Firms Embracing Article Spinning Software Should Be Ashamed

Only recently some SEO and Internet marketing companies or consultants were brought to my attention who blatantly use spinning software so they could declare to their clients (legally) that they had done their job as agreed. Each scenario was different but crudely displayed the lack of integrity required to maintain the good image the SEO industry has enjoyed to date.

In my opinion, this approach to building back-links shows desperation or indeed the lack of skills to establish quality content or link bait on behalf of their clients. Fortunately, the firms I’m referring to were not Australian but who knows how long it will be before this irresponsible practice of filling the web with junk hits the shores of the land of Oz too?

SEO firms have the responsibility of fighting this spammy behaviour and protecting their clients reputations and online image.

It’s not that hard to trace back links to see where they are coming from and which links point to which site. You don’t even need sophisticated tools for that exercise. How long do you think it will be before people start to identify and nominate sites that have poorly written articles developed from article spinning software and declaring them underhanded. Not long I’ll bet.

Article spinning software

Deals pop up all the time and I haven’t seen the results of one that can produce a decent, interesting article let alone get the grammar and sentence structure correct. So what are the general public seeing and thinking?

I don’t believe any one firm can put their hand on their heart and say I’m doing this with honour and integrity for my client. For starters, not even a fool follows a badly written article to end up salivating with frustration and angst while looking for the link to take him to the next piece of content dribble or website. Nearly everyone clicks away before reading just a few words. The only visitors who use the link are those curious to see who would be stupid enough and more likely, underhanded enough to choose this idiotic link building approach. There, I said it!

Take the best scenario. The spelling is correct and the punctuation is correct but the story will be rubbish along with any intended message and if it uses a thesaurus swap technique, then you’re in a for a real shocker!

Providing good content is the rule of thumb. Why? Because that’s what brings real buyers and interested visitors to the destination site to sign-up, buy or take action in some way. They need to believe in their experience thus far. Good content make you or your client an authority especially when related content is ubiquitous.

I am not saying that if you are outstanding with SEO you must be a brilliant, envied writer as well (although it would help) because there are many services available to help you along the scribing route. ie.,, to name a few. They are not affiliate links BTW.

Even a browser search under “freelance writer” will put you in front and you don’t have to pay the earth. Most experienced writers are reasonable and charge for their level of ability. I prefer writers who have been under the scribe for a lengthy period and have a qualification. They seem to know what you need without a list of  ‘must haves’ with each project.

One really good (I mean researched and planned) article will do you and your objective more good than a thousand spun articles both short and long term every time and it works out to be more cost effective if you do the sums.

If you are an SEO consultant and you want to continue on that path, don’t use articles from spinning software or writers who can’t spell the word ‘pen’. Do it, manage it, or outsource it correctly. Keep this industry clean, professional, results oriented and special. That’s why your clients hire you, & more importantly, continue to do so!

I’ll now get off my soap box…

Ray Baker
SEO and Internet marketing consultant, Sunshine Coast – Australia